Achieving the 4Rs with SideDrops

SideDrops provide an economical way to apply the 4Rs: the Right Fertilizer (liquid nitrogen), at the Right Time, with the Right Rate, at the Right Place (the base of the plant) for the growing corn plant. Our product can be customized to fit your machine.

SideDrops help you deliver…

Right Source

… the appropriately chosen fertilizer to your crops. 

Right Time

… the needed nutrients at the right time.

Right Rate

… the right amount of fertilizer for your crops, reducing overspray or nutrient loss.

Right Place

… nutrients to the base of the plant, where they are used most efficiently.

SideDrops in action

SideDrops used in the following applications shown in the video below:
1. First application shows SideDrops used to apply nitrogen to v5/v6 corn
2. Second application shows SideDrops applying nitrogen in 6ft – 8 ft corn.

SideDrops are available in customizable lengths to fit your application needs.

Will SideDrops fit my sprayer?

Our product can be customized to your needs and works with most pull-type and self-propelled sprayers.  Reach out to our customer service team with your specific sprayer type, model, and boom size and we’ll help you get the right fit.


  • Customizable to your sprayer. Just tell us your sprayer type, model, and height.
  • Available in various lengths to accommodate medium or tall standing corn V5 or later.
  • Hang directly below the boom so the weight does not twist on the back of the boom.
  • Can be individually stowed onto the boom out of the way of wheels for transport.

Easy to Attach & Remove

  • Once brackets are mounted to the boom or toolbar, SideDrops are easy to attach and remove for use.
  • Lightweight (about 6 lbs each).
  • Once attached, they can be hooked up to the nearest nozzle.
  • Nozzle spacing does not matter!
  • NEW for 2021: Field-replaceable hose hanger stems.

Typical Configuration

  • Normally hang every 60″ or every other row so that each cornrow has fertilizer applied to one side or the other.
  • Takes 18 drops on a 90-foot spray boom and cover a lot of acres at 7 – 9 mph.
  • Can be operated at speeds up to 10 mph depending on terrain and field conditions.

SideDrops on a self-propelled sprayer.

SideDrops hang directly below the boom so the weight does not twist on the back of the boom.

Easily mounted on your sprayer.

Quick & Easy to attach and detach – No tools required!

SideDrops attached.

Once mounted – Attach to the nearest nozzle.

SideDrops on a John Deere 4920 Sprayer.

Ready to apply fertilizer to the field.

SideDrops hanging for easy transport to and from the field.

SideDrops - Hanging In the Row.

Ready for action.

SideDrops on a Pull Type Sprayer.

SideDrops hang directly below the boom so the weight does not twist on the back of the boom.

SideDrops on a Pull Type Sprayer.

SideDrops on a Great Plains pull type sprayer.

Connect with us

If you would like to learn more how SideDrops can help you with the fit for your specific machine, receive a quote or have any other questions, please complete the form.

If you are requesting a quote, please specify the machine model, boom size, and row spacing.

We’ll get back to you within 2 business day.

You can also reach us at: 419-359-4556